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False Hopes (Harapan-Harapan Palsu)

Bila ku akhiri apakah akan berakhir? Hanya disini, hanya sampai disini? Bila ku lanjutkan apa yang kan ku dapatkan? Dari pertanyaan, dari dirimu dan misteri
You say you love me You give me a sweet love You come closer to me You love me, do you?
You make me feel the love You make me sad for you You make me feel jeoulous Do you love me? Boy
Jangan pernah kau berikanku false hopes Karena itu adalah kesedihan Jangan pernah kau berikanku false hopes Just give me true hopes
Ketika kau disini memberikan yang ku ingin Jangan berakhir, jangan pernah tuk pergi Ketika kau pergi, meninggalkan pertanyaan Mengapa pergi?mengapa kau meninggalkanku?
I say I love you I give you a sweet love I come closer to you I love you and of course
I make you feel the love I make you happy with me I make you feel crazy I love you and it's truth
Jangan pernah kau pergi dari diriku Karena itu adalah kepedihan Jangan pernah kau pergi dari diriku Just stay by my side
And all the beautiful words that you say for m…

Can't Forget Your Love

All the painful loves recorded in history
Pass through time, and come around again... my love for you
The world goes round and round

How many souls must overlap before I reach you?
Every day simply ends with you
Oh, lonely... lonely day

Your gestures and laughter warm my heart
They're so charming that even done freely
They remain holding no meaning

I feel your everything when I drift to sleep
I'll wait for you in my dreams
Just can't forget your love

In this vast world, you're one of a kind
Because I met with you, who was able to change me so

Everytime we talk, my "no" turns into "yes"
And the cold passing breeze turns warm

When we touch, the warmth of your hand remains on my lips
I want to be by your side, seeing everything
That your eyes see

Beneath these stars
This love which is awakening will continue forever
I just can't forget your love
This love will continue forever
I just can't... can't forget your love
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Future Kiss Album lyric

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 I Scream! by. Mai Kuraki

Nande itsumo daiji na toki ni kou nacchau no kana
Chimata de wa uso to honto ga Jump around
Un ga warui to ieba sore made dakedo ne
Sonna tanjun na watashi ja nai kara

Tell me why I scream & I scream
Mezameta toki kara mou sudeni
Hajimatteru fightin' groove
Yatte koreteru no wa kansha
"Maa ii ya" ja mou yada ! I scream

Tomodachi kara yoku wakannai meeru juuken mo todoiteru ! ?
Kore tte sou yoku iu "sukyandarasu ? "
Waioshoo ka nanka ni kore nagareru no kana ?
Tatakau ima no jibun to no fainaru raundo

"Gomen ! Kimi dake wa... " tte iwarete mo
Mou nanimo kikoenai yo
Me ni mieru mono dake de handan shinaide hoshii yo
Aa itai kimi ni I scream

Watashi no koto massugu ni chanto mite
Now Break it down
Now Break it down
Now Break it down

I scream & I scream
Ii ko butteru wake ja nai
Nani wo shite mo oogesa ni
Dare to ite mo utagawareteru ne
I scream & I scream
Hontou ni muzukashii …

Summer Time Gone

Summer time gone I love you
Summer time gone even though I know
we can't return from here to that summer day
Summer time gone I should laugh
Summer time gone
Because surely someday a guy like that will tell me he regretted it and come back
yeah stay with me

I'm sure you're my only one
That's it
Can't you realize that, too?
Come on, come back to me
'Cause this love's meant to be

Like a dangerous scene in a movie my heart was shot straight out
and I lost my way in your world Oh yeah
And from then onwards I spent everyday wrapped up in you
It felt like time passed like a dream ta-la-ta... baby I need you

I wonder why the beach is dear to me whenever it's summer
Though I should have forgotten, my heart Baby is still there

Summer time gone You embraced me
Summer time gone though my hair was wet
as a pleasant breeze blew on our bare skin love forever you
Summer time gone Even so
Summer time gone the one you see is no longer me
You love someone else
Hey, sta…

Mi Corazon

?si no estoy contigo para que?

Shiranai de ita katta shinjitsu wo shitta
Shiawase datta no ni kodoku to kizuita
Uwasa wo shinjiru no wa kantan dakeredo
Akirameru koto wa konna ni mo tsurai

Suki na hito ga subete datta
Mou ichido yume miru mi corazon
"peros es que te quiero tanto"
"no me des falsas esperanzas"

Nami ni kuzureru tsuki hitori mitsumeteta
Arashi no ato no you ni subete ga shizuka de
Sukoshi zutsu hirogaru setsunai omoi ga
Anata wo motomete konna ni mo susuru

Suki na hito ga subete datta
Mou ichido yume miru mi corazon
"peros es que te quiero tanto"
"no me des falsas esperanzas"

Suki na hito ga subete datta
Mou ichido yume miru mi corazon
"peros es que te quiero tanto"
"no me des falsas esperanzas"

?si no estoy contigo para que?

English Translation :

My heart

If i'm not with you, then why?

I found out the truth i shouldn't have known
I was happy but realized that i was alone
It's easy to believe in rumo…


Justa momentandthis situationchanged
yes...everythingis changing sofast
In factIthink it'sno big deal
yes...all ofa suddenlost

You know,sometimesIcan notbe controlledtemperatures
Next thing I knew,my mindwasa messandIfeelempty
yeah...justbecausesomethingsmall things
whomightthinkissomething that istrivial
But I thinkitcoulddestroyeverythingthatis upon me

You...yesyou,Ihope thatwhatIthinkyouconveyed
howI feelat this timebecause of you
youknowthis...a littleridiculous,butI hateto say it
You..yesyou are,Ihopethis feelingconveyedto you
howmy mindtodaybecause of you
Youknow...itsucks,andIhateto feel it

This isstrange,frustrating...vex

Letter for XX

When we met for the first time, I saw your smile, and it made me was a beautiful smile, sweetest smile and until now I never forget your smile.and I think, it was fall in love at the first seight, maybe??!! Time passed, lucky(or not) we were became close…we closer, and I could knew about you more and more, but I lost all that I think beautiful and sweet from you, your face and your perfomance that ‘pure’ and ‘innocent’ it was false!it was a little trick!, you were a people who ‘naughty’ and ‘crazy’, made me always angry and angry I was think you used me like a toy, or like a child (although in that time we were children who step by step become teen), you said that I must changed…I did, but I confused, because you said again that I must changed, changed???how must I changed?? One day, in my memory, you said a confession to me..although in that time you were kidding, I didn’t care (in that time)but now when I remember it, I feel…can it be true?can it be true?like your kidding?a c…

I Know

I know know you want me Know you wanna wanna my love my heart My lovely I wanna wanna be with you Wanna wanna close to you tonight forever Enjoy!
When we walk in the street full of snow
And look around our white colored
Beauty out of nature
Will give effect to our emotions

We kept walking along the snow piles
They are a romantic accompaniment
We may be uncommon to be together like this
But I'm sure we'll be together forever in the future
I know the world go round
I know we will always change
but believe me, nothing will be changed from my heart
I know we will be more mature
Know that we may disagree later
But rest assured, we'll get through it later
When the night began to greet us
In the middle of coolness on a snowy evening I just wanna be with you tonight Don’t leave me alone and just stay here

And the memories that we make will be our treasure
It's a happiness, isn't?
I'm happy with this moment, and I wish it'll be everlasting
Because I want you by my side
Only …


Finally!!!!today comes!! 17-11-2010 where new album of Mai Kuraki released ^_^
Oh God....awesome ne!SUGOIIIII!!
Track List : 1A. FUTURE KISS
1B. boyfriend(Special CD track)
2. wana
3. Revive
4. Watashi no, Shiranai, Watashi. ~precious ver.~ (わたしの、しらない、わたし。)
6. I scream!
7. Drive me crazy
8. I can do it now
9. Beautiful ~comfortable ver.~
10. I promise
11. sound of rain
12. Tomorrow is the last Time
13. anywhereDownload Album

in this morning, I've downloaded this album, and now i'm hearing it...

First track is FUTURE KISS,  in my old post, I told about this song,'s very catchy, oh're so sugoii ne....i'm speechless so...

Next song is..BOYFRIEND feat.Michael Affrick, this song is Michael Affrick's, they've sung in concert's Mai last year. It's so good too. I love this song...

Then, love this!it's between rock and R&B, Wana is coupling song of Beautif…

Mai Kuraki@I can do it now / 倉木麻衣 - future kiss

Wuuiiiih...saya nemu lagi salah satu lagu baru Mai Kuraki yang akan masuk dalam FUTURE KISS yang akan rilis lusa nanti, judulnya...I CAN DO IT NOW, saya suka lagu ini,.."someday I'll reach my dream", yeah...Mai selalu berpositif thinking, saya jadi terpengaruh olehnya ^_^, apapun itu...walaupun semua orang bilang "tidak mungkin", "mustahil", "percuma" dan berjuta-juta kata pesimis dan negatif, tetaplah berfikir positif dan katakan sesuatu yang positif dan membuat kita semangat, itulah Mai...dan saya menyukai sikapnya yang seperti itu...lagu-lagu Mai seperti o2 yang harus ada setiap saat untuk saya wkwkkwkwk. I love U Mai!!

" My quality will not change", sepenggal lirik dari lagu Mai, Break The Tone, hahaha Mai sungguh tenang dan positif sekali ya>_<, saya bersyukur bisa menyukai seseorang sepertinya, huft...Mai membuat saya banyak belajar..yeah belajar untuk selalu optimis dan jangan menyerah!hahaha...ah...I'm so happy …

Mai Kuraki Future Kiss Full Track

Akhirnya.....Album Baru Mai Kuraki!!!!FUTURE KISS!!!
sebenarnya sih rilisnya 17-11-2010, lusa...tapi single Future Kiss udah disebarkan dimana-mana sebelum itu ^_^
saya pertama kali denger Future Kiss di Music Fair tanggal 30-10-2010, walaupun lagunya catchy, tapi.. Mai membuat saya ingin tertawa (gomen ne Mai), Mai mo ngedance sambil nyanyi di Future Kiss!!oh my God!! Mai seperti menghafal....yeah...dia sepertinya kurang latihan sehingga terlihat seperti mengingat-ingat, dan gerakannya tidak lentur padahal gerakan dancenya kaya' gerakan orang senam (gomen ne Mai) ^_^. Mai memang kurang sekali kalau soal ngedance >_<, apakah dia juga terpengaruh ama penyanyi-penyanyi korea yang lebih ke ngedance??hahaha..Mai...nggak usah terlalu memaksakan diri untuk menari kok!, saya jadi teringat PVnya Drive Me Crazynya Mai, disitu juga ada bagian koreografi, Mai...oh No!!!saya shock jika melihat dia menari!!!^_^. Harus banyak banyak banyak banyaaaaaak latihan untuk bisa menari sambil men…


How to distinguish good and something special?
As you can see you, whether it's you the truth?
Or is it "feeling" that are growing in your heart?
I dont understand anything

The smile that you show, whether it is because goodness?
Or is it because of feeling different than usual?
Do not you know, your kindness has made me misunderstood
Do you always give it to anyone good?

If you like someone, how you will behave
To be considered not only as you feel good but Love?
If you liked someone because of the good that you always show
One day she put it,Are you going to accept it because you're good?
And you do not want anyone hurt ...

Too good like you
Making a fool like me misunderstand
And foster a deeper sense than anyone
If you show me is goodness
Please, leave me!Because the kindness like that makes me sick
Which one day will be a boomerang to me
If you show me is love
Stay here because this love will continue ....

My First Instrument ^_^

This morning I managed to complete the instrumental version to one of my songs, namely Set! Hut! Hut! using Fruity Loops 9 and cyberpower audio editing lab. Hahaa ... I feel quite satisfied, although still far less with professional musicians, but I feel a little proud, yeah .. I finally succeeded in arranging a song, my own songs ^ _ ^.
before ... before have fruity loops and cyberpower, I use software to create  of song with electronic piano arrangements, but .. yes .. the software that was played out manually and have to use other software created to help record the music, so I wear an electronic piano and sound recorder , because the 'live' that recorded  ... yes .. a little-bit ... wkwkwkkwk a far away from the expected!! but ... from a simple software like that ... I finally get serious about learning to make arrangements of songs, yeah ... the song as good as any, if no arrangement taste ... less really.
some time ago, I went to the mall with a friend, and that&…

What you call with " Happiness"

What you call with happiness?
Sometimes I think whether I have been happy?happiness is synonymous with you feel happy and comfortable with you doingand you can be thankful for whatever happens to you,you can smile even if you middle grieveand you can be sincere when you have to accept reality
I think many timesthis has long occurred,sometimes I feel I am in no way happy with my lifeI was not born like a princess-_-just an ordinary girl who many shortcomings
I sometimes complain with my situationwhy God wills me like this?I often cry and wonder,Why God does not allow us to be free from problems?
I sometimes feel jealous,many people who are above me ...they look so happy with what they havewhile I?I installed the poker face and pretend like theyI hate to admit shortcomings in myselfSo I tried to look like them as much as possible
I sometimes feel a little smugmany people who are under mythey sometimes seem sad and I pitybut one thing I learned from them"Whatever happens, do not ever stay…

Season 2

Kita berjumpa sebagai "orang asing"
Tak tahu, tak kenal dan tak ada rasa itu
Kita berjalan pada waktu yang sama
Tahu, kenal dan jatuh ke sebuah perasaan yang berbeda

Ada sebab ada akibat, perjumpaan kita pun akhirnya berakhir
Kita berpisah dengan menyimpan perasaan yang tak tersampaikan

Waktu berjalan
Kita berjumpa lagi sebagai "orang asing"
Pura-pura tak tahu, tak kenal dan tak ada rasa itu
Apakah perjumpaan kita ini adalah takdir?
Atau ia hanya kebetulan yang akan berkata

Aku tak mampu berbicara sejujurnya
Apakah kau melihat cinta dimataku?
Aku seorang penakut
Apakah kau merasakan apa yang ku rasa?

Cinta terbaik yang ku pinta, apakah jawabannya adalah kau?
Ku harap pertemuan ini bukanlah terakhir
Tapi... A SEASON 2

Keasingan yang membatasi tidak boleh mengalahkan perasaan ini
Kenangan yang bersinar, bukankah lebih baik kita menambah kenangan itu?

Tomorrow Is Not Today!

"Keep dreaming!" you said
Yeah...I'll still keep dreaming
I've hugged my ambitions, my dreams, and my wish
I've tried to forward to catch all I want

"Ha ha ha" You laugh
Yeah...Please laugh at me
In order to I have a reason why I must stand up
I want change your perseption about me

" Why you choice this way if you dont like?" You ask
I just smile, " Just play and wait until I finish my project"
I can see that you cant to receive my fool answer
But...for now I cant to give the promise,
I just trust...The God will give the best way for me

" You're stupid" You see me with smile
I reply your smile and laugh,
Yeah...I know what fool I am
Because have it, I can do many fool things
Only the fool people that can dreams and try for uncertain things

You may say
" You're useless" and many words more for me
I'll accept it
Today, I'm a loser and fool girl
but I'm realize that Tomorrow is not today!
So I …


Saat hari esok berhias mimpi penuh dengan kebahagiaan Seketika petaka menyapa, hari esok penuh mimpi buruk
Terkadang sesuatu datang tanpa permisi Siap atau tidak kita hanya bisa menerima Kesedihanmu kesedihanku, buang bersama air mata Cinta ini akan mengalahkan kenangan pahit yang kita punya Air matamu air mataku, biar kembali ke tanah Masih akan ada hari esok untuk kita temukan bahagia
Betapapun pedihnya kesedihan dihati ini Segera atau nanti sedih kan jadi bahagia
Biarkan waktu kan mengobati kepedihan dihati Walau tak akan bisa terlupa, setidaknya akan jadi kenangan Jangan berhenti untuk bermimpi, jangan pernah menyerah Tuhan bilang akan mengabulkan asal doamu tak pernah putus
Saat hari esok berhias mimpi penuh dengan kebahagiaan Seketika petaka menyapa, hari esok penuh mimpi buruk Tapi percayalah waktu trus berjalan mengobati luka hati Lihatlah lurus ke arah depan, hari esok “kita pasti bahagia” Walau laguku sampai disini doaku akan terus berlanjut

 Note :  Saya menulis lagu Astenia ini sudah c…

The black of Me

I'm a black rose
I'm a black rose
Can U see The black of me?

I'm a black rose
I'm a black rose
Can U feel the dark of me?

And When I laugh
Tears down from eyes
Sadness & Happiness be one
And when I cry
Tears down to cheeks
Sadness hopes to the happiness

Hear me hear my confession?
Hear me hear my confession?

Nobody want to sad
Nobody want to down
but we have them!!
but we have them!!
Just get and change them...

Hey...back to me again...Today I want to tell about something, little something...and maybe not important, but for me...every little thing (I remember with my favorite grupband), I mean...every little thing is very important and it's a part of our life.
He's still remember...
yeah He's still
"When her laugh, her tears down from her eyes...." he said,
He know...still remember until now!!
I dunno why?what does he has a good memory that can save many memories??
or because there's something so he cant to forget it??

Clown Parade

Ketika sedih buang jauh air mata Tak boleh perlihatkan kesedihan itu Ketika marah buang jauh emosi Tak boleh perlihatkan, harus tetap tersenyum...
Masalah apapun hanya bisa tersimpan Memendam sendiri, memakai poker face Menyembunyikan dibalik senyum lembut Dan tetap tertawa sampai kapanpun..
It's a clown parade It's a happiness show Tak boleh bersedih tak boleh emosi It's a clown parade It's a happiness show Hanya boleh tersenyum hanya boleh tertawa Welcome to our parade!!
Tak ada tempat untuk berbagi rasa Tak ada yang mau mendengar ceritanya Tak ada orang yang mau pedulikan Karena tak ada yang tahu, dibalik topeng itu
It's a clown parade It's a happiness show Tak boleh bersedih tak boleh emosi It's a clown parade It's a happiness show Hanya boleh tersenyum hanya boleh tertawa Welcome to our parade!!
It's a clown parade It's a happiness show Tak boleh bersedih tak boleh emosi It's a clown parade It's a happiness show Hanya boleh tersenyum hanya boleh tertawa It…