How to distinguish good and something special? 

As you can see you, whether it's you the truth? 
Or is it "feeling" that are growing in your heart? 
I dont understand anything

The smile that you show, whether it is because goodness? 

Or is it because of feeling different than usual? 
Do not you know, your kindness has made me misunderstood
Do you always give it to anyone good?

If you like someone, how you will behave 

To be considered not only as you feel good but Love? 
If you liked someone because of the good that you always show 
One day she put it,Are you going to accept it because you're good?
And you do not want anyone hurt ...

Too good like you 

Making a fool like me misunderstand 
And foster a deeper sense than anyone 
If you show me is goodness
Please, leave me!Because the kindness like that makes me sick 
Which one day will be a boomerang to me
If you show me is love
Stay here because this love will continue ....


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