Mai Kuraki in the poetry

I dedicated it for the most my favorite musician, Mai Kuraki....<3

I’m lover boy, omoi no saki ni…I don’t like this
Don’t you wanna know secret of my heart?
it’s natural, I just wanna you stay by my side
You’re only one for me, you’re like a star in the night
You’re key to my heart
I hope you can feel…growing of my heart
You catch me with your wana, love sick
Loving you…. all night, I think about you
Through the river of dreams, just you in my mind

Time passed by….did I hear you say that you’re in love?
My hearts is full with the questions, in the state of mind, who do you love?
Don’t you look at me (one)?it sounds like kakenukeru inazuma
Hey, Just a little bit, there am I in your heart?you are not the only one
You’re my all, yeah…I’m not that kind a girl, it’s a reason?
So I give you spirit and support, “what are you waiting for?”
Just say love to her, but, in my deepest heart, I'm afraid if you not with me again, oh God rescue me!
Although, not me in your heart, I gonna keep on tryin

Baby, this heart is puzzle, it’s not just our fantasy
But, never gonna give you up
There’s chance for you, so you must revive
“I can do it now, start in my life”
We just have one life, it’s my life, this is your life
Stand up baby, It’s ours.
So why?tell me about your heart and I tell about my heart
I’m trying to find my way, I wanna tell to you what I feel
And you…tell me your way in order to we’re understand each other

Tell me what?if I believe
You say love for me, baby, I like but…I cant believe you!
I don’t believe, you’re my secret lover?
Hello baby, you don’t joke, do you?
Yes or no ,Since I hear your confession, you make my day is crazy
But I like it like that, so this love that I call silent love, I open my heart
Everything because the love, I’m ready for love
I thankful for God cause He hear my prays for you
Cuz you’ll know that you’re right when you fight and pray…

Now we’re in season of love, yume ga saku haru
In fushigi no kuni that we call wonderland, trip in the dream
Although there’s diamond wave, I don’t care, I cherish the day, especially with you
I sing a song for you, Don’t you know, ichibyou goto ni love for you?
When we hear sound of rain in tsumetai umi, baby tonight, you and me
You kiss me, mi corazon run so fast, cant get enough(gimme your love)
After it we see double rainbow, we hear moon serenade, moonlight, too
“in over the rainbow, there are happiness”
You touch me with your love, so I can’t forget your love

Honestly, watashi, no shinarai watashi…
You and music and dream…
In my eyes, my boyfriend, you’re so beautiful
I hope, zutto, I’ll always be with U

Sunao ni ienakute
It’s perfect crime, you make me fall for you, you drive me crazy
Hey baby, born to be free, enjoy this love
Break the tone, and this love will be everlasting…
The rose that you give for me, it’s keep in my secret box
Secret roses from you, it’s so sign that you love me
We have happy days, kimi to no jikan

I leave P.S My sunshine and go to Summer time gone
Sometimes, we’re not same mind
But I’ll always say Love, day after tomorrow come back to me
Because I just like your smile baby, you come likes a hologram
and all I want just you…I scream, “aitakute”
anywhere you’re there, honey, feeling for me
seven nights pass, tonight, I feel close to you
so give me one more chance, ai wo motto
I don’t wanna lose you
Don’t leave me alone cause love,needing
I say to my self “everything’s all right”

Tomorrow is the last time, the day where we end our friendship
Time after time I’ve waited for it, I hear winter bells & kaze no lalala
Baby, it’s so long since we met
I promise, it’s winter swear,
I’ll come for you, with shiroi yuki that so pure like this love
Ima kimi to koko ni, we walk in delicious way, I feel like a Juliet,
It ends like a fairy tale, I feel fine!

We’ll come to safest place, the winds are dancing, they pray for us
We’re get..eien yori nagaku, to the top of the world and we go to ashita e kakeru ashi
And we’ll get to future kiss, you’re my best of hero
It’s simply wonderful, come on!come on! let’s enjoy our 24 Xmas time
We ride on time, we look at the sky, try to jump and reach for the sky
Itsuka wa ano sora ni, we have brand new day not Imitation Gold , and I believe that, because we love one another.

Note :
Ah...saya senang sekali akhirnya menyelesaikan puisi yang saya dedikasikan untuk Mai Kuraki ini >_<, hal yang menarik dari puisi saya kali ini adalah...kata-katanya memakai SEMUA JUDUL LAGU Mai Kuraki, dari awal debut sampai pada album terbarunya yaitu Future Kiss, saya minta maaf karena grammarnya kacau, maklumlah...masih pemula ^_^, ah...saya tidak menyangka saya bisa menulis puisi seperti ini, Thanks for Mai!!!
Pokoknya...ternyata sebanyak ini ya lagu-lagu Mai, sekadar catatan, kata-kata yang ditebalkan/bold adalah judul lagu Mai Kuraki, oh...I love her so much!!
oke...speechless nih...pokoknya...saya mencintainya ^_^  <3, berharap maret cepat datang, kan Mai mau rilis single baru...1000 mankai no kiss, nggak sabar!!!


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