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Nobody I Miss, but U yeah!

When I send a message for you
I always hope, you read and reply soon
In order to I dont wait for long

Dont you know, when you dont
My heart is worry , why?what?
Dont make me afraid
Dont make me sad
Waiting for you is a sign
How much I love you!

If I dont send a message for you
It's not mean that i'm forget about you
I just give a chance for you
U miss me, right?

Dont you know, when i do
My heart is full with the questions, what?how?
Not to make you afraid
Not to make you sad
Longing is a sign, we have love in our heart

Love and longing, nobody i miss but you yeah
Time and waiting, nobody i want but you yeah
Can you feel my heart?can you feel my heart?
I'm so miss about you
Every second in mylife

Nobody i miss but you yeah
You're most important for me
Nobody I want but you yeah
Cause love is yours forever

Note : this poem...I wrote..27th sept 2010, yeah...sometimes we miss someone...and hope to meet again
           and never to seperate again ^_^

Still you waiting?

time goes by without we realize 
and we are slowly changing
today's friend but can be the opposite tomorrow
nobody knows what will happen
opportunities that exist in the past
and unanswered questions that have not had time
you are always thinking of
your feeling still be mine, right?

Still you waiting?to express love to you, to you
I Want to Take a Chance
Still you waiting?to come to you, with you

follow the rhythm of the mysteries of life
there is meaning in every rhythm
whether the past can repeat itself?
whether we are in the same rhythm?
memories that linger in the hearts 
the tears that are still faithful here
myself who have dared to be honest
my feeling still be yours, trust

Still you waiting?replied declare your love in the past
Still you waiting?to come to you, with you
I give my love, just for you
I give my self, for yourself
I give my life, forever

I gonna gonna take a chance
you'll be mine and I'll be yours

Summer Time Gone/Anywhere Lirik Mai Kuraki

Get Summer Time Gone!!
Summer Time Gone by.Mai Kuraki
Summer time gone anata ga koishii
Summer time gone wakatte iru no ni
Koko kara wasou mou modorenai ano natsu no hi
Summer time gone waracchaeba ii
Summer time gone annayatsu
Itsuka kitto koukaishite ittekuru kara yeah stay with me

I'm sure you're my only one That's it
Can't you realize that, too? Come on, come back to me
'Cause this love's meant to be

Kiwadoi eiga no waashin
Massugu Heart o uchimekare
Mayoi konda no wa anata no sekai Oh yeah
Sore kara to iu mono anata ni
Muchuu de sugoshita mainichi ga
Maru de yume no you ni sugite ittakanji ta-la-ta... baby I need you

Natsu ni naruto nazeka umi ga koishii
Wasureta wazuyo nano ni kokoro ga Baby Soko ni itagaru no

Summer time gone muretakami no mama
Summer time gone dakishimete kureta
Kokochi yoi kaze suhada ni uke love forever you
Summer time gone nano ni doushite
Summer time gone mou mesen wa
Watashi janai dareka ni kokoro utsutteiruwa nee stay with me

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