Nobody I Miss, but U yeah!

When I send a message for you
I always hope, you read and reply soon
In order to I dont wait for long

Dont you know, when you dont
My heart is worry , why?what?
Dont make me afraid
Dont make me sad
Waiting for you is a sign
How much I love you!

If I dont send a message for you
It's not mean that i'm forget about you
I just give a chance for you
U miss me, right?

Dont you know, when i do
My heart is full with the questions, what?how?
Not to make you afraid
Not to make you sad
Longing is a sign, we have love in our heart

Love and longing, nobody i miss but you yeah
Time and waiting, nobody i want but you yeah
Can you feel my heart?can you feel my heart?
I'm so miss about you
Every second in mylife

Nobody i miss but you yeah
You're most important for me
Nobody I want but you yeah
Cause love is yours forever

Note : this poem...I wrote..27th sept 2010, yeah...sometimes we miss someone...and hope to meet again
           and never to seperate again ^_^


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