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Rekomendasi Komik Cewek (Shojo) Bervolume Sedikit


Random Talk About Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

I wanna tell about one of my favorite character. I realized I love her for suddenly, before that... I just saw her as 'heroine', just 'heroine'.
She is...
Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail.

Lucy is a new mage in the beginning of Fairy Tail, never in the guild before. The meeting Lucy and Natsu and Happy brought her to be a mage in Fairy Tail. Since kid, she always think to enter Fairy Tail but because she think it's hard to enter Fairy Tail, she didn't come.
Lucy is a celestial mage like her mother, Layla Heartfilia. She used keys to call celestial friends such as Loki (Leo), Virgo, Aries, Taurus, until Aquarius (forget fact that Aquarius's key has broken). Their celestial have strength to help her in the fight or other need. So, the Lucy's fight style is together with the celestials. 
Because she is new, she looked weak if we compare with the other mages in Fairy Tail (Natsu, Gray, Erza, Kana, Mirajane, etc). Once again, she is new and never fight befor…

Rekomendasi Lagu Ballad Terbaik Mai Kuraki (Jepang)

Kali ini saya akan bagi-bagi rekomendasi lagu-lagu ballad Mai Kuraki. Sekadar info, Mai Kuraki ini penyanyi Jepang senior (sudah 15 tahun berkarir) dan suaranya sering menghias anime Detective Conan.
So, cekidot!
01. Sakura, Sakura

02. All I Want

03. Aitakute

04. Double Rainbow

05. Tomorrow is The Last Time (OST.Detective Conan)

06. Stay by My Side

07. Beautiful

08. Mou Ichido

09. Omoi no Saki ni

10. Shiroi Yuki (OST.Detective Conan)

11. Sound of Rain

12. The Rose ~Melody in The Sky~

13. Silent Love ~Open My Heart~

14. Hakanasa

15. Stand by You 

16. I Sing A Song For You

 17. Don't Leave Me Alone

18. Did I Hear You Say That You're in Love?