Random Talk About Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

I wanna tell about one of my favorite character. I realized I love her for suddenly, before that... I just saw her as 'heroine', just 'heroine'.

She is...

Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail.

Lucy is a new mage in the beginning of Fairy Tail, never in the guild before. The meeting Lucy and Natsu and Happy brought her to be a mage in Fairy Tail. Since kid, she always think to enter Fairy Tail but because she think it's hard to enter Fairy Tail, she didn't come.

Lucy is a celestial mage like her mother, Layla Heartfilia. She used keys to call celestial friends such as Loki (Leo), Virgo, Aries, Taurus, until Aquarius (forget fact that Aquarius's key has broken). Their celestial have strength to help her in the fight or other need. So, the Lucy's fight style is together with the celestials. 

Because she is new, she looked weak if we compare with the other mages in Fairy Tail (Natsu, Gray, Erza, Kana, Mirajane, etc). Once again, she is new and never fight before!

I am sad when many people said Lucy is just character for fanservice and talk her useless and weak. 

I re-read Fairy Tail and I find Lucy is a character that growing step by step. Once again, from the beginning Fairy Tail, she is new mage! She wasn't strong yet.

Although that, we can see what's the part she took in each arc.

For example, in Lullaby arc. How can Natsu and etc knew the flute that Natsu saw was lullaby flute? 

How if Lucy didn't there? Did Natsu and etc knew the danger of the flute?

It was because Lucy! She was smart, she loves read and book. She likes me, wanna be novelist :). 

For the other arc, Galuna Island. Lucy fought with Sherry although it was funny when I read how the fight ended :). 

Lucy could call the king of celestial, change one rule until Loki (Leo) could back to his real world. And for the seconds, all her celestial spirits appeared to give Lucy support. You know, calling one of celestial spirit need many energy, how about called all -Lucy's-?

And, I wonder, why did the king of celestial appear? Lucy was just new mage~ and the king mentioned Lucy as 'old friend'.

In Fantasia arc, Lucy and Loki have battle with bixlow and win. I laughed when I saw Gajeel's reaction. He never has idea that Lucy could fight. And... Natsu said, "I'm sure Lucy's pretty strong'. Besides Natsu, Erza has talked about 'Lucy is great' in Lullaby arc. She was strong, step by step.

In the battle with Oracion Seis, Lucy won againts Angel. Before that, Hibiki from Blue Pegasus gave her information and knowledge about the magic that just Lucy could used to win. For the first time, Lucy had uranometria and beated Angel.

Fact, Lucy can using uranometria although just with the knowledge! She's talented! She's strong!

How can, the thing that you don't know before, you can using perfectly?

Once again I wonder, how can? who is Lucy actually?

But sometimes, Mashima-sensei made Lucy didn't look 'strong'. In the grand magic arc, Lucy vs Flare from Raven Tail, almost Lucy got the victory. She and gemini would used uranometria, but because Raven Tail's cheat, threatening Lucy using Asuka, Lucy was defeated. Natsu realized about it, he stopped Raven Tail, then he came to Lucy that cried, told her to saving the tears for the victory. If nothing cheat, Lucy would be a winner :), but... we can't look how care and gentle Natsu with her.

Many people -specially that hate Lucy- told that Lucy was a crybaby because this. I think it was natural if she cried, she was disappointed cause she lost. Once again, she could win if Raven Tail played fair!

And, in Eclipse arc. Who did close the eclipse gate so the dragons stopped to enter?

It's Lucy! Lucy and the celestial spirits!

All the celestial spirits -golden keys- came! 

How much the energy that Lucy (and Yukino) need to called all the celestial? Specially for Lucy, 10 of the celestial spirits came. 

If Lucy didn't close the door, if future Lucy didn't through the time from future, the world in Fairy Tail crushed.

How can the gate crushed?

Natsu? Yes, because Natsu. But... how? It was mentioned in the diary of future Lucy. How can save the world, the way was with break down the eclipse gate. Lucy was smart, she found a solve!

And, Jellal have sense the power that similar with Zeref but not Zeref in the grand magic arc. You know who?

It was Lucy. The future Lucy. Lucy, the seven years after X791 has power like Zeref.

From this arc, I wonder... with who Zeref made the eclipse gate? The eclipse gate need a celestial mage for using it, for travel the time! was there relation with Layla Heartfilia? Or, was Zeref went to future too with eclipse gate? was Natsu and Igneel and etc came with eclipse gate too to now (before X777)? 

If the age of Zeref was 400 years old -the assumption that Natsu and the dragons have 400 years old-, why Natsu (and Gajeel) were grew normally? wendy too?

There are many secrets in Fairy Tail~

And, in Tartaros arc.

One and only that save in attack of Mard Geer was... Lucy Heartfilia. Mard Geer said it was lucky but I didn't think like that. Sure, there was a reason why just Lucy that save?

If Lucy didn't save, nothing Natsu and etc again.

Lucy, sacrifice Aquarius's key, save the friends. I cried a lot when saw Lucy was hard to broke Aquarius's key to called the king of celestial. 

The king beated Mardgeer, saved the Lucy's friends.

Natsu said that he sure that Lucy saved them although until the latest chapter, nobody in Fairy Tail knew that Lucy sacrificed Aquarius.

And in chapter 458, Lucy and Kana battle with Brandish, one of spriggan. Name of Layla Heartfilia mentioned, Brandish knew about Layla :). Finally... one of the mysteries at Fairy Tail has mentioned, I wanna know about Layla Heartfilia! what's happened in 777? what's the relation of Layla and Brandish or... Zeref?

Then, in 464-465 Zeref said about Anna and Layla.


 I'm happy cause my guess is right :).

Questions continue to assume that Layla and Anna are not in one dimension. Layla was in the middle of the opened the past eclipse X777 while Anna in 400 a year ago planned to X777. The question is, why did Layla opened the past eclipse? Could Layla opened only with three keys? Could it cause she died-because her power was drained -? But, how if the past eclipse pushed use hand like when Princess Hisui opened the past eclipse in Mercury Palace?.

Lead to new questions, where is the past eclipse which is used by Anna, Zeref, and Layla? Because the the past eclipse in the era of Natsu et al made by Princess Hisui and it took seven years to be used. Could the past eclipse there was in Tenrou? Zeref was in Tenrou because of it?

Is there a post or a message on a a celestial mage in order to find the the past eclipse and open it in X777, so Layla opened the past eclipse?

Back to Lucy.

Lucy said she has picnic at 7-7-777.

By the way, Lucy never meet Zeref until now. Mashima-sensei has said that Lucy will kneel down to Zeref, Zeref will give order to Lucy, Lucy will never to meet Natsu again after that. 

I'm curious~

Is Lucy will take a part to wake up 'E.N.D'?

Lucy knew about 'one magic' from Layla. Mavis and Hades said about one magic this too. The one magic is love.

Lucy said she was a legend heroine~, maybe.

And one thing again, 

A stick that Lucy hold, what is that? I read assumption from Fairy Tail's fan, he/she told that Lucy maybe is Akh, the god that give curse to Zeref~


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