Tomorrow Is Not Today!

"Keep dreaming!" you said
Yeah...I'll still keep dreaming
I've hugged my ambitions, my dreams, and my wish
I've tried to forward to catch all I want

"Ha ha ha" You laugh
Yeah...Please laugh at me
In order to I have a reason why I must stand up
I want change your perseption about me

" Why you choice this way if you dont like?" You ask
I just smile, " Just play and wait until I finish my project"
I can see that you cant to receive my fool answer
But...for now I cant to give the promise,
I just trust...The God will give the best way for me

" You're stupid" You see me with smile
I reply your smile and laugh,
Yeah...I know what fool I am
Because have it, I can do many fool things
Only the fool people that can dreams and try for uncertain things

You may say
" You're useless" and many words more for me
I'll accept it
Today, I'm a loser and fool girl
but I'm realize that Tomorrow is not today!
So I want tomorrow will be mine
Where I can stand up and smile
" I do the best for my self and anything I love"

Now, I am just a junk
Yeah...I know my self more than anyone
I know that I cant to climb the top now
But...I'll still walk to tomorrow
I want change your perseption about me

I trust The God
I trust my self
Someday, Today will be memories
Your laugh, your words and your questions today will be memories too
And Tomorrow will come and I will hug my treasures
Although many years passed, I will try and try

"Keep Dreaming"
Your words repeat and repeat in myself
Someday when I comeback to you
I will show, " The dreams are truth"


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