My First Instrument ^_^

This morning I managed to complete the instrumental version to one of my songs, namely Set! Hut! Hut! using Fruity Loops 9 and cyberpower audio editing lab. Hahaa ... I feel quite satisfied, although still far less with professional musicians, but I feel a little proud, yeah .. I finally succeeded in arranging a song, my own songs ^ _ ^.

before ... before have fruity loops and cyberpower, I use software to create  of song with electronic piano arrangements, but .. yes .. the software that was played out manually and have to use other software created to help record the music, so I wear an electronic piano and sound recorder , because the 'live' that recorded  ... yes .. a little-bit ... wkwkwkkwk a far away from the expected!! but ... from a simple software like that ... I finally get serious about learning to make arrangements of songs, yeah ... the song as good as any, if no arrangement taste ... less really.

some time ago, I went to the mall with a friend, and that's where I buy software that is highly recommended FL9 by digital musicians in cyberspace. Yeah ... I want to start my music career by becoming a home-based musician, then become a digital musician before I became a professional musician

before ... a few months ago, I finished a song arrangements (using hp nexian, I record a video and my singing, banging sounds like something for the drums / musical instruments) and then I sent it to an online radio where they received the works of those who work, yeah ... I confidently send that song, that song is X, and ... who knows what happened .. I was too embarrassed to find out the news about my songs> _ <

still a long way .... and I hope I can still continue to survive to achieve what I want!


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