The black of Me

I'm a black rose
I'm a black rose
Can U see The black of me?

I'm a black rose
I'm a black rose
Can U feel the dark of me?

And When I laugh
Tears down from eyes
Sadness & Happiness be one
And when I cry
Tears down to cheeks
Sadness hopes to the happiness

Hear me hear my confession?
Hear me hear my confession?

Nobody want to sad
Nobody want to down
but we have them!!
but we have them!!
Just get and change them...

Hey...back to me again...Today I want to tell about something, little something...and maybe not important, but for me...every little thing (I remember with my favorite grupband), I mean...every little thing is very important and it's a part of our life.
He's still remember...
yeah He's still
"When her laugh, her tears down from her eyes...." he said,
He know...still remember until now!!
I dunno why?what does he has a good memory that can save many memories??
or because there's something so he cant to forget it??
After hear it, I ask to my friends (+/- 13 girls), " What I do when I laugh?"
Between them, there are 3 people that right, " You cry", " You like to wanna cry", " Tears exit suddenly from your eyes". Yeah...They're so right!!
from 13 people, just 3 that right?what's the mean??
He know me just one year, I mean...we were in same class just one year...
but my friends and me??they known me(same school, same class, often hang out, one gank) more than one years!!wow...
Is there something in his heart?it's about me, isnt it??
I hope YEAH! ^_^


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