What you call with " Happiness"

What you call with happiness?

Sometimes I think
whether I have been happy?happiness is synonymous with you feel happy and comfortable with you doingand you can be thankful for whatever happens to you,you can smile even if you middle grieveand you can be sincere when you have to accept reality
I think many timesthis has long occurred,sometimes I feel I am in no way happy with my lifeI was not born like a princess-_-just an ordinary girl who many shortcomings
I sometimes complain with my situationwhy God wills me like this?I often cry and wonder,Why God does not allow us to be free from problems?
I sometimes feel jealous,many people who are above me ...they look so happy with what they havewhile I?I installed the poker face and pretend like theyI hate to admit shortcomings in myselfSo I tried to look like them as much as possible
I sometimes feel a little smugmany people who are under mythey sometimes seem sad and I pitybut one thing I learned from them"Whatever happens, do not ever stay away from the Lord"
I sometimes feel upset at all with the fate of God written on meWhy is my destiny do not change? Even though I've tried many thingsI would like for my move positionI do not want to forever be in the same continuous
because this place makes me feel less grateful-_-I hate myself like that, could only complain ...

I live with a dream ...dreams of people who may not be entirely realized by everyone around them-_-or simply considered "junk", yes .. just like thatdo not give something special to the lives of others ...just busy with his dream that probably will only remain a dream
yeah ..maybe I like it ...feel unhappy ...but somehow I should be grateful and get closer to Godalthough not at this time He gives "happiness" is what I wantI'm sure God will give it someday


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