• Huft...

    Just a moment and this situation changed
    yes ... everything is changing so fast
    In fact I think it's no big deal
    But, I lost spirit
    yes ... all of a sudden lost

    You know, sometimes I can not be controlled temperatures
    Next thing I knew, my mind was a mess and I feel empty
    yeah ... just because something small things
    who might think is something that is trivial
    But I think it could destroy everything that is upon me

    You ... yes you, I hope that what I think you conveyed
    how I feel at this time because of you
    you know this ... a little ridiculous, but I hate to say it
    You .. yes you are, I hope this feeling conveyed to you
    how my mind today because of you
    You know ... it sucks, and I hate to feel it

    This is strange, frustrating ... vex
    I miss U so ...
    Huft ...