When see you smile brightly
It's enough
Although I realize the reason is not me
There is someone else on your side
She is a special reason

When hear you laugh freely
It's enough
Although I must pretend to laugh too
There is pain on my heart
Pain is given, free and easy

I'll stay, make sure you'll happy
It's enough
I'll pray, make sure you'll safe
It's enough

When the lies come and see me
It's enough
Help me to hide the pain just for minutes
Erasing the scar that I can see

When the words go and fly away
It's enough
No need to explain, you shouldnt understand
Without words it's fine
Better than fine.

I'll stay, make sure you'll loved
It's enough
I'll pray, make sure she'll love
It's enough

So, go on please
You and her

I'll stay here, see you
Show to you, This love gave me courage

I'll stay here, watch you
Show to you, this pain make me stronger

Just go on

I'll allright without doubt


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