• Better than close

    It's better to far away
    Better than close

    Cause the things those far look 'good'

    You or me
    We shouldnt know well each other
    Cause when we know each other
    We just hurt each other

    We shouldnt close
    Close cause the place, not heart
    When I realize that it'll better if I'm not there be with you
    It's not about the distance
    It's about how much we hurt

    When we close because the place
    When I ignore, not care, cause my bad

    We shouldnt close
    We should far away

    Just meet for several times
    Like you and them
    So just the good things those you see and know
    The good things can you say

    Note :
    Saya kadang berfikir "Lebih baik kita jauh dibandingkan dekat tetapi tidak peduli, hanya mengatakan keburukan". It's here, a place.

    Memaksa saya untuk bergegas, must to left this place soon.

    Repeated, kembali terulang.
    Kata-kata berisik itu, urusai.

    Lebih baik jauh dibandingkan dekat
    Agar kata-kata buruk dari saya tidak saya katakan lagi
    Agar pikiran buruk saya tidak saya pikirkan lagi

    Must go.