When they come

The old memories come
I look them,
Why do they come to me?
They make me ask " Why?"

The days before now,
I ask to you,
" Why did you do it for me?"
" Why did the events happen to me?"
" Why did you tell it to them?"

I ask my self,
" Why did all the lie not leave me?"
" Why did I like this?"
" Why did all the things be like that?"

I ask to the old memories about you and me

The old memories can not give answers
They just smile, slowly give questions
" You' re happy with us?"
" You're sad with us?"

I still see them,
The old memories still smile
" We are the facts, evidences about the past."

" The answers about the reason 'why' is depend on your point of view about the past when you're in the future."

I think, try to seek the answers for my questions

" Maybe I dont know the true reason now, but I dont regret for anything, it' happy or it's sad, whatever it, for me, all the things are important, hey old memories, you come to remember me about it, dont you?"

The old memories smile beautifully,
" Although sometimes we make you hurt, dont give up, hurt is warning to be better, and when we make you happy, dont forget the feeling about it."

The old memories go away
One thing left, 'You'

They leave you to remember me
You are not for the past
But from the past for future

Still asks


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