• The Journey

    The journey, someday will be over
    Soon will be over
    Sure will be over

    We will leave a history
    We will be history
    We will be something that the others said it's memory

    We will be a story
    We will tell our journey as a story

    The pain, the hurt, or the darkness
    The sadness, on heart or memories
    It's you or someone else
    It's a part of story
    The story about us

    I want borrow you as the character
    For the journey story

    The smile, the laugh, or the light
    The happiness, just a little bit or just dreams
    It's you or someone else
    It's a part of the past
    The past about the days

    I want borrow the memories given by you
    For the journey story

    You were here
    I were here too
    You were there
    I were there too
    We were

    The journey will end
    Soon will be end

    I want borrow you for the story
    For my journey story
    May I?

    Just for the story
    Just for tell, the days when we were there

    Just for remember
    Just for learn, the days when I met you

    The days when you were here
    The days when you were there

    It will be a story
    It will be a history

    This journey will be end
    Can we have the new journey?