Not For Forever

It's not for forever
The sadness or the happiness
All the things that we have and feel
It's not for forever, right?

Said "OK" or " I'll be allright"
A lie or a truth, you shouldn't know

You believe with what you see
I feel what you don't see

You see what I do
In the fact, I dont do what I want do

You hear the words
But, the main words never reach

And the end, it still never

It's not for forever, right?
But, I still believe with the words
It's not for forever, right?
But still, with the stupid, I trust the words.

I heard someone said
" If your ending is not over happily, it's not over yet"

Note :

Just intermezzo,
I look for piano software, Pianist HD its name.

Just play,
Semua Tentang Kita - Peterpan (cover, play with Pianist HD)
Selepas Kau Pergi - Laluna (cover, play with Pianist HD)



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