• Found

     I'm happy
    You've met someone
    She love and give what I can't
    She's there and real

    I'm happy
    She has met you
    You love and give what you can
    You're there and real

    Love will find the way
    These words always I trust
    Wish both of you would trust too

    One thing,
    For the days, for the memories

    Although it's not give meaning to you more than me
    Although it's just a little memories
    Although it will never again

    Thanks so much

    You've found
    She has found
    Love has found

    Wish both of you always in love
    Wish both of you always be happy

    The prays will always with you two


    Note :

    I'm hearing one of Ayumi Hamasaki's song, the title is 'together when', it's one of my favorite song, there's part I like most, if we translated in indonesian, it will be :

    "Aku ingin mengatakan terima kasih,
    Tapi tetap tidak bisa mengatakan terima kasih,
    Karena rasanya jadi seperti akan berpisah selamanya dan itu menyedihkan"
    -Ayumi Hamasaki, Together When-