Count The Time


Let's count the time
Pretend it will last for everlasting

With it, we will try do the best every seconds
Make sure, the every end will end happily

Let's count the time
Think it will be forever
Alhought all the things just will be memories
It's not problem,
I can still remember you on the memories
I have you on the memories

You, may I still like this?
I pretend, ignore the truth
I lie.

Spend the time and think no problem for it
I know it's pain for someone else

You, am I wrong to be like this?

You just see as usual
Not to know what I hide
It's for limited time
After that, all the things will be over
But memories will be forever
For me, not for you

At the limited time,
Let's make memories
In order to, when we don't here later
I can still remember
How important the past is!
How important the memories are!

But still, it just for me
In the fact, I want you remember too.

You, may I keep like this?
Just for limited time

Just for limited time ^_^.


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