Sound Of Rain

sound of rain
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Samishikute mo ii to omotte ita
Anata ni au made zutto
Ima wa sukoshi yowaku natta yo
Onaji you ni sugoshite iru no ni ne

Mou ano koro no you ni modorenai koto kidzuitete mo
I can't stop my love

Kono mune ni afureru kimochi wo tsumugu you ni
Tada soba ni itakatta omoi wa like sound of rain
Yamanai the sound of rain

Sugita jikan ni toikakeru kedo
Kotae wa na yo kitto
Kono kaerimichi anata wa inai
Kasa wo sasute ga tsumetakuru

Tomadou koto wa mou yame nakucha to omou kedo
Oh I can't stop my love

Sayonara wo tsubuyaku namida wo nuguu you ni
Tada soba ni itakatta omoi wa like sound of rain

Yagate kono ame ga yande niji ga kakaru koro ni
Mouichido aruki dasu yo
I can get my way, I try to fly high again

Omoide wo shizuka ni kokoro ni shimau you ni
Asu no hi wo yumemite nagareru the sound of rain

Asu no hi wo yumemite nagareru the sound of rain
Can you hear me ? The sound of rain

Mai Kuraki's Lyric Future Kiss

Note :

Sound of rain is a song taken from Mai Kuraki's album, Future Kiss in 2010,'s very cool >_<, minimalist but so beautiful, in my town, this's rain cool, I really like this song, especially if I hear it when the rain comes  ... waw ... so sweet ... I had claimed "not gonna hear song again" when the  first I heard, I dont like it , but ... it's a big false! symphony repeated hold in my brain, I finally heard again and ... Fallin love> _
Weather in Palembang, my town,  is still cold and cool at all > _ < really!it usually Panas Bedengkang  (very hot heat, taste like a sauna for free) but ... well, it's so cool ... until the need was so cold hahaha wear jacket, usual stuff ... never cold, so when the weather suddenly changed dramatically, instantly chills! And well ... I'm still in holiday> _ to the eyes of college, some are a little E and C, and a value of A (specifically for people who cleverest in the class), it's  a bad dream .... hahahaha, the nightmare is nightmare, someday We'll change it be sweetdream! :)
And the story begins, every Saturday, we had a 2 classes in my course, one in  8 to 9:40, and the other 9:40 to 12:00 , he sulked when we were late coming to class (different building, so it a bit longer, moving from one building to another building), he said we cheated ... when we go> _ (Idiiih), we finally apologize to this misunderstanding, but yes ... he might ngejudge us ... "BAD"
Finally ... yes it is, from the beginning of the semester, we've labeled as bad, and was most likely get D, such as experience level ever troubled our older brother is also with the lecturer , akkkh no nonsense ... He also rarely really teach, not obvious, like one of the title song Utopia, Antara ada dan tiada (between being and not), suddenly he came, give us the formula, give us a problem, then asked, nobody could answer, he came out ... then suddenly came and went secretary who took the laptop and the bag ... he went somewhere where?? > _ <, wallahu Allam, we call this class with a mystical wkwkwkwk, meal times so that person swear> _ <masyaAllah .... astaghfirullah ... Akh ... forget the mystical that!! Bye-bye for a while (before we would return to repeat the lesson at next semester> _ <)

Back to topic, I really like the rain ... because when it rains the possibility of prayer will be granted more and more

Ibn Qudama in Al Mughni, 4 / 342 said, "It is advisable to pray when the rain, as narrated that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,

اطلبوا استجابة الدعاء عند ثلاث: عند التقاء الجيوش, وإقامة الصلاة, ونزول الغيث
"Look for the efficacious prayers in three circumstances: [1] meeting of two forces, [2] By the prayers carried out, and [3] When the rains come down."
(Issued by the Imam Shafi'i in Umm Al and Al Bayhaqi in al ma'rifah of Makhul in mursal. Shaykh al-Albani, see hadith no. 1026 on Shohihul Jami ')

So also there is the hadith of Sahl ibn Sa'd, he said that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,
ثنتان لا تردان, أو قال: ما تردان, الدعاء عند النداء, وعند البأس, حين يلتحم بعضه بعضا وفي رواية: "وتحت المطر"
"Two people who are not rejected do'anya are: [1] when the call to prayer and [2] when its meeting ranks in time of war." In another narration, "And when the rain falls." (Narrated by Abu Daud and Ad Darimi, but Darimi ad does not mention, "And when the rain falls." It is said by Sheikh Al Albani shohih. See Misykatul Mashobih)
(Taken from other blog)

From Sahl ibn a'ad radi 'anhu Rasulullah bahawasanya Shallallahu'alaihi blessings and peace:
"Two of prayer is never rejected; prayer when the call to prayer and prayer when the time rain."
Taken from other blogs
So...when the rain comes, let's pray!!....beside it...the rain is so sweet like me wkwkwk (, so...whatever the weather...just thanks for our God, because all have the unique and benefit for us, if you'll be true! come on...we believe and trust, so God will bless us and give us something that we said it's happiness. 

Can U believe?

Mai Kuraki X SMAP Special Medley
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It's crazy!!I watch videos and SMAP disebuah Mai Kuraki music event, wow .... it's crazy> _ <, in this video they sing (in medley)

Love, Day After Tomorrow
Secret Of My Heart
Watashi, no shiranai Watashi
Future Kiss

Wuiih ... SMAP is still okay already getting old ... even though all> _ <, their dance was okay ... but still ... Mai ... her dance still have much to learn ^ _ ^ let me limber. Ganbatte Mai!!


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