Mai Kuraki-Happy Happy Halloween 2010's Happy Happy Halloween 2010 Mai Kuraki
This morning, i check youtube and I find...I SCREAM!-Mai Kuraki!! in Happy Happy Halloween 2010, oh my God...I'm really love this song!!, Mai danced here...I'm speechless...Mai tried to dance although I think she is... poor >_<, it's really funny every time I see her to dance!!Gomen ne Mai....
After I watched I scream!, I watch Anywhere, still dance...and Mai still like her before :O, but I still love her wkwkwkwk
Mai K becomes gothic girl with black dress >_< , cute!! Drive Me Crazy is really energetic and fun for me, it's song really nice K danced again >_< I remember PV Drive me PV, Mai K was very funny because I see her body is rigid to a doll >_< so when I watch live version...I'll always compare live version and pv version. But forget about the dancing, because all songs of her I love!

Oh God, I really really want to see her concert, live >_< I wish someday I could come to her concert!!! AMIEN.

Mai K-part1
Mai K-part


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