Today, I want to tell about my inspirations in about I write own songs and lyrics, they are a big influence in my life in music.So, Let's start...who are them?
The first...absolutely, Mai Kuraki >_<
I tell about Mai Kuraki :
I was a  Mai Kuraki maniac > _ <, I love it and listen to her work since I was a junior high school, through the anime Detective Conan, but I began to focus on her and followed her development since high school, exactly after I watched the PV Secret Of My Heart, and until now I still favorite her as my favorite musician.  I listen Mai's music a lot and also read the meaning of the lyrics she wrote, so I unwittingly became affected, Mai Kuraki is an optimist, in her songs, she often wrote the words that make people become optimistic even though at first she wrote the words are sad and pessimistic, but ... she always ended it with optimism, I learned to write lyrics that optimistic about it.

The Most favorite songs : 
ALL SONGS!! ^_^, specially Time After Time~Hanamau Machi de~, Summer Time Gone, I Scream, Secret Roses, Secret Of My Heart, Touch Me, Anywhere, Shiroi Yuki, Stay by My Side, Growing of my heart, Love Day After Tomorrow, Always, Break The Tone, Future Kiss, Sound Of Rain, much...I so much L.O.V.E her!!

I Tell about Aika Ohno :      
Speaking of Mai Kuraki, we must know who is behind the songs Mai, namely ... arranger, singer, and multitalented musician named AIKA OHNO, almost all the songs Mai Kuraki, and also the other of singers in Giza Studio, the music of their songs made by cold hands Aika-san who is already adept at making music since a young age> _ <, I love the works, although she is better known as a songwriter than a singer, I still admire her, without her ... not possible Mai Kuraki be cool, unlimited thanks for Aika Ohno for his works  ^ _ ^.keep working ... I'll always be waiting for your works by Mai Kuraki et al. 
        I've heard her voice to sing her works, I've  download an album of Aika Ohno is Shadows of Dreams, whose contents hehits that she made but now re-arranged and it she sing her hits alone!! there are 7 tracks that Mai Kuraki sang in the past, and Aika entry in this album, as Always (Mai Kuraki as backing vocal!!), Secret Of My Heart, Delicious Way, LoveDay After Tomorrow, Stay by My Side, Happy Days, and This is your life, all her songs  in english version  and different arrangements, because I heard the first version of Mai Kuraki, so .. I compare it with the version of the original creators, is pretty cool ... because it basically works of Aika is cool, anyone who sings it and however arrangements must keep COOL!! Sugoiii neee. For business vocal, vocal Aika is pretty cool, something like Garnet Crow ^ _ ^, and also reminds me of the sound debut of Mai ^ _ ^

The Second is...Every Little Thing
I Tell about Every Little Thing (ELT) :
Beside Mai Kuraki , I also listen to Every Little Thing, I am very happy with the cute voice of vocalist, voice of Kaori Ishida is my favorite> _ <, and ELT songs also give a big influence on me, especially on the songs that her tone enough high, I love the sound Kaori Ishida-san ^ _ ^

My Favorite songs :  
Unspeakable, Ai No Uta, Grip, Jump, Feel My Heart, Time Goes By, Fragile, etc

The third is...Ayumi Hamasaki
I Tell about Ayumi Hamasaki :
This Queen of Jpop, I have heard this already since I watched Inuyasha, starting from Dearest, and many her mp3 in the market, I finally like the singer of this one. Her voice makes me like it's unique. Most of my songs (before I knew Mai Kuraki) were more likely to like Ayu's music, yes .. I heard it earlier than I hear Mai

My Favorite songs :
Dearest, My Name is Woman, About You, Game, Hanabi, Endless Sorrow, Pride, Memorial Address, Heaven, Marionette, Depend on You, etc

The fourth is...Namie Amuro
I Tell about Namie Amuro :
From pop to hip hop and everything are successful, yes ... that's Namie Amuro, since married, her career declined, eventually she divorced and returned to Japan with a new breakthrough music, Hip Hop, and waw ... cool, not just the old fans , but she also gets great reception from her new fans. I like her...whatever, pop or hip hop, Namie is Namie >_<

My Favorite songs :
Four Seasons, Come, Never End, Baby Dont Cry, Violet Sauce, Fullmoon, Funky Town, etc

the Fifth is....Yuki
I Tell about Yuki Isoya :
Ex-vocalist of Judy And Mary who later solo career, had a really high voice and very unique, I love it, hard to sing her song hahaha hell my voice range and she was quite different ^ _ ^, but I still like it and make it one of the references in music

My Favorite songs :
Joy, Home Sweet Home, Maiagare, Tinkerbell, etc

The sixth is....Bunga Citra Lestari
I Tell about Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) : 
When asked about the solo singer in the country that I like? Tere suppose there are a few ... and of course ... my sister (a lot of people stared straight ^_^), Bunga Citra Lestari. I've liked her since the single Saat Kau Pergi when I was in high school. Her first album, Cinta Pertama is an album that is really cool, all cool songs!!, until now I still hear it even though I think the song quality declined slightly Flowers-_-.

My Favorite songs :
Saat Kau Pergi, Sunny (Cinta Pertama), Mengapa Harus Terjadi, Kecewa, Perih, Ingkar, Yang Lalu Biarlah Berlalu, Someone like U, Tentang Kamu, etc

The seventh is...Chiaki Ishikawa
I Tell About Chiaki Ishikawa :
Songwriter, music arranger, Chiaki Ishikawa is really a great musician! I love the way she arranges the music, I hear the See Saw, cool ... I like music that she arranged .

Yes that's the inspiration that inspires me in music and work, I hope one day I could be like them ... yeah ...

By The Way, why my inspirations are only girls??hey...don't think negative, I prefer girl voice than boy, for boy...I like On Off, Flow, Keiko Teppei, Ikuta Toma and etc(but poor, nobody boy singer/musician I like from my country -_-) , For like a boy, I'm difficult, so when I find him, I'll like him so, I'm not like something just cause 'booming' or her/his outside, cause...loving something come from the you will never let him/her go.. 


  1. saya juga suka mai kuraki setelah dengar lagunya yg jad ost conan movie 7. tp wkt itu cum instrumen setelah itu sy cari lagunya. keren. btw, knp blogmu tulisannya wrn hitam? kan gak kelihatan :)


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