Best ~Breaker of My Heart~

You have been successful 100% to be THE BEST OF MY HEART BREAKER! ^ _ ^

I leave you on purpose
Did you miss me? 
I want to know a certaintly,  your feeling...
During that time, I kept thinking about you 
I miss you so
 I want a definite answer of the question that I always questioned

Do you have the same feelings with me?

 I went, not because I want to leave you forever 
I give time for you, think of me 

Do you feel what I feel? 
I like this because I love youso
I gave a chance for me so that I have courage
I do not want to constantly expect something that uncertain 

Because the sense of disappointment when it failed was really sad 
I do not want to linger doing something stupid 
Because the feeling annoyed when ill probably going to drop my heart

I'm not as strong as I think
But I'm not as weak as you think
I'm still trying to stand strong after fall

You can leave me alone
But I will never leave you
You can leave me alone
But I will pray for your happiness
When I come back and you're not here
I'm just going to smile
"It's better this way than I do the more advanced"
Because maybe, the answer to my feelings is NO!
I'm back because I had prepared myself
Whatever happens then there

"If I have to lose then I have to accept it"

Black mood one day I'll change it be orange mood
When tears turn into rigidity in myself
Memories of my pain was still going to take it As a best gift for defeat
One day when we meet again
I can look at you without injured
"Hello my friend!" 

 I continued to walk without a definite direction and hope
Somewhere ... I'll find something that is superbly prepared for me 



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