By Your Side

By Your Side

*In starry night I wanna by your side
  & take your smile just be mine
  Don’t need a promise or a swear, so let me
  Let me by your side

Suddenly I feel a crazy taste
Make me nervous and cant control my self
It’s strange but I cant run
I wanna be closer closer and closer

**Hey hear melody that I play
    They are part of my heart
    Hey listen song that I sing
    It’s just for you

***Oh my heart is playing a love beat
      Creating special love song for you
      Oh my heart is asking for you please answer it
      Let me by your side

Suddenly I think I’m selfish
I wanna play monopoly
I don’t want anyone take you
And I wanna just be yours yours yours

Back to **

Back to **
I have unlimited love
Just for you all my love

note : oh yeah...finally i write again in my blog ^_^ MissU!!ha ha
           this song...BY YOUR SIDE, a happy song from me to you ^_^
           this song will appear in SCC (A title of my novel), do you want to hear?
           someday i hope you can hear this song...JUST FOR YOU!! 


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