Before I Let You Go

Night where I cry when I know the truth
A false that I do for you
I make you sad, you're in the deepest sad
What does the love that I give for you not give a power?
What does the love not give you happiness?

Night where I see you and you give me smile
Inside smile I see a sadness
You wanna cry and hold me tight
But a wall stand and you can't close to me
What does the love can't to erase the wall?
What does the love can't to erase the sadness?

Before I let you go, I think million times
My feeling is deeper than anyone for you
This love gives me a power but why not for you?
Before I let you go, I review old memories
In those days, we had love to shared
We had love to connected us

The snow fall one by one like my tears
I want you get happiness that I can't give for you
I wanna you be happier than anyone
So, your smile never can lost
The snow fall one by one like my tears
When the winter is over, the spring will come
I hope the new story will there for us

Before I let you go, I pray million times
In order to you're always by my side
But Love can't be selfish, because if like that, I was a devil
Before I let you go, I thank million times
Because love that you give me yesterday become beautiful memories
I hope we get happiness tomorrow
I dedicate this poem to Fruits Basket, especially for Hatori Soma, one of the character in the manga / anime Fruits BasketFor the title of this poem is taken from the title of a video about the Fruits Basket and also tells about soma Hatori, this poem tells about the portrayal of feelings when Hatori must accept the bitter reality of Kana, his lover. where their relationship was strongly opposed by the head of the family, Akito Soma. because the relationship, Kana finally got persecuted by Akito and it made a deep depression for Kana. Hatori is a very loving finally chose to remove all about her memories with Hatori, feelings and their memories. And this poem describes about the night before Hatori had to remove Kana's memories , it's really a sad momentThere are many things delivered by Natsuki Takaya, -Fruits Basket author- when she makes the chapter on this story, From this story we can see how good Hatori, he was willing to let go of everything for the happiness of Kana, when he himself was not sure whether he will be strong and happy without Kana?It's really very sad story ... and almost every story in Fruits Basket succeeded in making me cry, other times I wanted to write a poem about Momiji and others ^ _ ^I love Fruits Basket


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