Laugh at your self

Positive, if you think it'll be positive
Negative, if you think it'll be negative
Just your self that can change your life so let's go
Step forwards with me!

Don't doubt for an uncertain thing
Don't afraid for uncertain result
Just do the best and believe your self
Trust, the power of mind
If you lose and fail, you may cry or loud
Because after that, you'll get the calmness
If you down and fall, you can run or silent
Because after that, you must take a new step

When you think, you're bad today and you hate your self
Cant you think it's an experience for next day?
So dont worry, wake up and hold my hand
Someday, you'll laugh at your self today

Do the foolish and crazy things
We never think 'next' when we are teen
We just know the time is ours
And be selfish just think about your self
The meeting someone with someone open many possibility
Dont be selfish!
Someday you'll learn from today and yesterday

When you see the days before you shine like a star
You find many things, about foolish and crazy days
They are keys to open your success, arent them?
You can laugh at your self yesterday

Maybe you never lost
Maybe you never fail
So you're be selfish!
But once you feel it
You CANT to stand anymore
You HAVEN'T experience enough

You know, we'll be greater after fail
You know, we'll be stronger after down
Learn from the failure
Learn to hold out and wake up again!

Laugh at your self take a positive thinking!
Step forward with me so LET'S GO!

Note : This song I presented for one of my friend...I write so much ^^ longer than usual...I hope my feeling
           can touch her.


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