• A Present for my friend....


    Tell me how do I remove the sorrow?
    How to remove a sense of loss?
    When sadness say "hello", I'm sure your heart into shock

    Tears were flowing is a fairness
    I know the sadness would hurt you, but I do not know what to do?

    When misfortune was holding you tight

    It seems you want me with folded arms, "Do not be sad"
    But if I say so, I do not care as if

    How to stop your tears?Sadness is something that always comes suddenly

    I can not be your hero
    How to stop your sad feeling ?
    Grief is a painful thing
    Although I stay by your side, I'm not sure I could remove the sense that

    Humans are too fragile, they are always cry and sad
    Humans are too scared, when they experienced the pain
    "Courage", I was as a strong personwhen I could have that because grief is not a gift for me

    "Everything will be fine", I was the person who falsely
    but I can not know fate tomorrowI do not know, how so I can understand your grief?