• Called what?

    Called what?
    (A poem for my college friends)

    Like painting over the water, like that's the our situation now
    There will never result in vain ~futile ~
    But we still continue
    Because we have no other choice
    Water flowing rhythm not care ~ don't care~
    Just move on

    In life sometimes we like it
    Following a stream and did not dare change course
    Do you believe that true?
    Or are you sure you're not wrong?
    All just waiting for one thing ~ truth ~
    The currently in hidding until we make a mistake
    After that we will arrive at the answers we seek for this

    The situation is now called what?
    Where we have only each other in silence
    And turn on each other
    Are you aware that there are errors on each of our self?
    Because of the dispute which one is the two sides
    Admission of guilt that awaited ... whether the words would come out of us?
    Maybe after that we will not be like this again ...