by.Ariesta Nabirah^_^

Can we together again?
When we decide to finish all things
-You break myheart-

Can we together again?
When we don't believe each other
-You hurt myheart-

In the past, we met and had many memories
We cried, laugh, sad and happy together
I felt those memories was essential
I hope the time stopped when I were with you

I hope we can comeback to the days
I hope we can trust each other again
Without doubt, without regret, without sad
Coz the memories can't to erase
Coz we have memories that show "How close we are!"

Can we together again?
When we just think about our self
And forget the other -selfish-
Can we together again?
When we start to avoid each other
We haven't same way again

Can we together again?
I think...."CAN'T"


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