This is...

This is
by.Ariesta Nabirah

This is just a story just a part of life
This is just a little sadness, it's a broken heart!!

When you fall in love, when someone in your think
You'll be happy, you'll have good dreams
You'll have wishes and prays always for someone

But, in fact sometime this life is not more beautiful than dreams
Happy ending that we want sometimes never to happen so..

This is just a story, just a little note
This is just a little pain, It's a broken heart!!

You may cry, may angry if it can make you calm
You may loud, you may walk again to new pages

When you're in love, when you like someone
You're always dream, he is your destiny, you believe
But..this love cant to reach him, he hasnt love for you
He has a love with someone and she isnt you!!
Dont afraid just say "BYE" and we walk again

note : This is for all of you who broken heart -_-...


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