Imitation Face

Imitation Face

I’m good, aren’t you?or I just want all people said me “good”
Think you’re important for me so you think I’m important for you, my heart’s said

I care you, think you, do all that I can for you

Can you care me?think me?do all that you can for me?
I hear all your problem and always try to find the way
Can you hear all my problem?or you just ‘used’ me as ‘problems box’

Sometimes I think me ‘good’ coz you all need me in your side
Sometimes I think me everything for you and you cant if I go far
I hope it’s not just my think it’s a true for us

I smile although in my heart full with sadness
Try to always be strong coz I know you’re weaker than me
I don’t want to you hold my sad
Coz I know you have the sadness more than me

Sometimes I have problems but I cant to talk with you
Sometimes I wanna cry and wanna borrow your arm
“Tell me your the sadness, you may smile and laugh, we share together”(you said)

I try be ‘someone’ that them want, although it change my self
I just want I’m be important for them and they can keep memories about ‘someone’
“It’s false” you said, I must be myself, coz “I can see you”

You’re my everything and I’m your everything I can see…

note : It's poem I gave special for Fruits Basket^^


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