The time that we pass always move although unaware
What’s the case waiting us in the next just ready go
Don’t care anything will come coz now is most important
Like a rotation is pulling us
We just can follow stream and cant to evade
Someday we will end this journey
At that time, hope you and me always together and happy
So anything that happened yesterday don’t forget
Because they are chips that important
Just a little,maybe useless
But it makes something will be memory
So anything will happen onegai don’t regret
Although we’re strongest never can back the time that use
Coz it we’ll always try and fight ashita no tame ni

We never know what will happen next
So don’t cry anymore and smile
Tomorrow is waiting for us
With the pray that never to stop
We can success believe in ai no chikara
And the enigma we’ll solve together

So anything that happen akiramenaide
Because the winner’s the people that fight until end
With our power we can solve all problems shinjiteru
And future where we’ll be together will be true sure
We live and alive in the center light and dark too
Someday we’ll remember today have been a winner you and me

Always together
All sadness and happiness we pass
Cry or laugh
We share together
You and me…

note : Truthly, I wrote it is for a song, a song for one of my favorite anime, that is Inuyasha
         first, I wrote the poem but in indonesian language, then I get idea for change from poem to song and
         change lyrics to english, and...it's my song with the title ENIGMA.do you want to hear?
         ha ha but I feel shame to sing ^^.


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