• Bye~The Last Memory~


    I remember your smile, remind your laugh baby
    When you stayed with me, closed to me yesterday
    Remember your emotion, remember your sadness
    When We stayed here, we’ve painted memories, I think
    Ah it’s important for me
    Ah I can’t to forget memories with you

    I just say Good bye, I removed your love
    I wish we’ll meet again in the tomorrow
    Never lost in my heart memories about you
    I’ll pray here to the God in order to I’ll meet you again

    I open box that close, it’s memories with you
    I open the memories, it’s keep along
    I still think about you, always about you dear
    Never I can to forget in this time
    Ah you’re always in my heart
    Ah never to forget you forever

    See me, see my tears are falling down to the air
    I Never to stop to remember about you
    Can you feel my feeling? Can you hear my sadness?
    Never to stop to remember you, you’re most important

    Sometimes I’m wanna cry and, sometimes I’m wanna run away
    Because the truth isn’t beautiful likes my wish
    Sometimes I’m wanna escape, sometimes wanna hidden from
    Bye the last memory

    Oh my God hear me, oh please grant my wish
    In order to I can to keep my heart
    Oh my God hear me, oh please give me power
    In order to I can to past all that
    This love still keep in my deep heart forever, I wish you could hear me